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The world of production is becoming more dynamic every day. Manufacturing companies must constantly carry out a larger number of operations. That is why the most innovative companies are studying new strategies to modernise their work flow and automate processes in order to achieve greater productivity.

To help you overcome your challenges, GP Progetti has dedicated over 30 years to offering smart solutions based on advanced software which can be integrated anywhere to digitally transform your operations. Whether it is technology, strategy, operations or experience, we are here to support you with a knowledgeable team and ever-present assistance to help you see what will happen, to anticipate the future, and to grow and rethink the management of your business. Our aim is to allow you to strive for production excellence.

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Our clients.

We have improved production scheduling management by being able to monitor the machines and make better use of their efficiency by avoiding downtime. We can be more reliable with delivery dates.

Raffaella Prencipe | Procurement Office Manager
Ape Raccorderie

GP Progetti is a serious and reliable company, and the eNX® Suite has revolutionised order flow scheduling and deadline management. An extremely useful tool for any production company.

Filippo Bonaldo | Marketing Manager
Tubilaser Srl

Thanks to the eNX® Suite, we were finally able to have a clear view of the production department’s planning and a clear and unambiguous traceability of the raw material from its entry to the certification of the finished product’s loads.

Luca Rea Palma | Production Director
Siderurgica Latina Martin SpA

Thanks to GP Progetti, we have complete control over our production. This is helping us to identify and  solve several problems and, as a result, we are catching up in terms of the efficiency of our resources.

Nicola Bertoli | Time and Method Manager
Mec-Gar S.r.l.

Simple and intuitive, GP Progetti’s scheduler allows you to keep track of line scheduling and critical issues arising from component availability while optimising monitoring time.

Simone Are | Production Planner
Bugatti Autoricambi Spa