GP Progetti improves the governance of production processes through its optimisation algorithm and a structured, secure and flexible 4.0 MES.

Founded by engineer Carlo Guizzi in 1993 and close to ISO9001 certification, GP Progetti is a well-established company in Italy, specialising in the management of production-related business processes and innovated through the combination of its consulting skills and state-of-the-art factory management systems.

GP Progetti's mission is to improve the governance of the production processes of Italian manufacturing companies through the implementation of best practices and application solutions, aimed at optimising the entire value chain of client companies, called upon to operate successfully in the difficult digital challenge launched by national and international markets.

GP Progetti's vision is to become the preferred partner of Italian manufacturing companies, who are willing to significantly and profitably improve the management of their production processes with an impact on the prominent features of their business organisational model within a data-driven context.

The company, which adopts a sales model based on direct and channel logic, is structured through the skills of its application consulting and software development resources, which are instrumental in analysing, designing and releasing high-profile customer orders, complemented by customisable after-sales services.

GP Progetti collaborates profitably with hubs of technological and scientific excellence, constantly investing part of its profits in research and development (R&D), with the aim of systematically innovating the architecture and functionality of its systems, which are produced independently in its software factory.

The company has adopted a Quality Policy and a Code of Ethics.

"The optimisation of material flow within the entire production process is the result of implementing GP Progetti's algorithm" Carlo Guizzi.


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Experience and knowledge.
For 30 years, we have listened to customers and their needs and turned them into concrete solutions in every field and sector. Our 4.0 MES solutions are constantly evolving to adapt to each production flow.
Specialised team.
Our team is made up of specialised and certified professionals, who are able to support your business with concrete, efficient and fast answers thanks to an extensive network of telephone and on-site assistance.
Continuous assistance.
85% of reports resolved the same day thanks to an efficient report filtering system to ensure verification in the shortest possible time. Online customer section to monitor project progress.