Case Study.

Case Study
21 October 2019
The benefits for Mevar after GP Progetti’s collaboration
Mevar, a company that has been working in the sheet metal industry for almost 50 years, has chosen GP Progetti’s software solutions for producti...
Case Study
07 October 2019
Mevar’s versatility has increased with GP Progetti
Mevar, a Brescia-based company that has been working in the field of sheet metal processing since 1972, has chosen GP Progetti’s production moni...
Case Study
02 July 2019
Production and Industry 4.0 management: Maggiori Fratelli has chosen GP Progetti
Founded in 1962 as a manual plate turning company, Maggiori Fratelli has grown through experience and a willingness to open up to new technologies. Th...
Case Study
29 April 2019
Smart factory and Industry 4.0: Giacomo Martinelli’s growth with GP Progetti
The collaboration between Giacomo Martinelli and GP Progetti began over 20 years ago. GP Progetti has worked alongside Martinelli’s constant gro...
Case Study
19 April 2019
Giacomo Martinelli has become a smart factory thanks to GP Progetti
GP Progetti presents the important project that has guided the Giacomo Martinelli company towards the fundamental milestone of Industry 4.0. GP Proget...
Case Study
18 September 2018
IAME Spa: the information system driving the factory
With 50 world titles and over six thousand engines per year, IAME Spa is a world leader in the kart engine sector. In the competitive world since 1968...
Case Study
03 July 2018
RMG – the completion of the IT system under Industry 4.0
Raffineria Metalli Guizzi S.p.A. is a company with well-established traditions and recognised quality levels which boasts more than 50 years of active...
Case Study
25 July 2017
Elvi srl’s choice to optimise the company’s production processes
Elvi, a GP Progetti customer since 2014, has embarked on a path that looks towards Industry 4.0 thanks to GP Progetti’s production process optim...
Case Study
24 May 2017
eNX production process management software chosen by new customers
New companies were able to weigh the benefits of the production process management software proposed by GP Progetti. Here are the specific sectors tha...
Case Study
02 November 2016
eNX 10.0® to optimise production in the heating and valve industry
Among the companies using the eNX® suite to optimise their production processes are also fittings companies that develop heating systems and ball va...
Case Study
02 September 2016
GP Progetti has the solution for heat treatment management
Software designed by GP Progetti ensures results to optimise production in various sectors. “The design of customer-commissioned requests has...
Case Study
04 August 2016
Specific applications for production in the weapons sector
Software designed by GP Progetti ensures results to optimise production in various company sectors. For a company in the weapons industry, there are...
Case Study
08 July 2016
eFlexiMES and eQuality: supplementary solutions for production management
Software designed by GP Progetti guarantees results for production optimisation in various business sectors. There are therefore numerous advantages...