Ind. 4.0 Driver.

Software specifically designed and built for Industry 4.0

The eNX® Suite Industry 4.0 Driver, fully developed by GP Progetti, is the singular package for interconnection with any production plant according to the indications of the national Industry 4.0 plan. This software solution guarantees a standard interconnection, ensuring bidirectional communication and data security. The Industry 4.0 Driver is able to capture all production and process data and make it available in real time without additional hardware.

Faced with the interest generated by the national Industry 4.0 plan, GP Progetti has worked with institutions such as the University and the Order of Engineers of Brescia, the technical benchmarks of some machine manufacturers, and certification bodies such as C.S.M.T. (UNIBS – Technological Multi-Sector Service Centre) in order to support client companies in the management necessary to practically implement the tax opportunities introduced by the national Industry 4.0 plan.

The Industry 4.0 Driver solution combines more than twenty years of experience in data collection and factory production management systems with the standardisation of machine tool connection methods, as indicated by the national Industry 4.0 plan.

eNX® Suite’s Industry 4.0 Driver is suitable for companies of all sectors and sizes. Its configuration in the eNX Entry Suite, dedicated to companies using production software for the first time, includes:

  • Technical platform
    for date and order management
  • Driver 4.0
    for machine interconnection
  • MES user-friendly interfaces
    for on-board dialogue
  • Production data KPIs, indicators and archives
  • General and non-sector specific
    method standardisation
  • Real-time data
    and bidirectionality guaranteed