Industry 4.0.

The innovation that improves your production, reduces waste and synchronises processes.

The incentives provided by the financial manoeuvre of the Industry 4.0 plan represent an important development and growth opportunity for companies wishing to go smart. Together with the Sustainable Investment 4.0 subsidies, you can now receive the support you need to digitise and implement management and production software in your company.

GP Progetti is the benchmark that will guide you towards the fourth industrial revolution, through tailor-made consultancy to access incentives and software solutions to improve the quality of your products and optimise processes. With GP Progetti’s advanced production management software, you can bring the benefits of Industry 4.0 into your company and count on the incentives provided.

The benefits of Industry 4.0 for your company:

  • Better product quality
    with sensors that monitor production in real time
  • More flexibility
    for even small batch production
  • Increased production speed
    with innovative technology
  • Reduced waste
    with high performance tools that monitor quality during the work flow
  • Better productivity
    thanks to production and and cost reduction with less errors and machine downtime
  • Increased product competitiveness
    with better functionality from the Internet of Things