Guarantee fund for SMEs.

Public credit guarantee intervention for Italian SMEs

The 2021 SME guarantee fund facilitates access to finance for small and medium-sized enterprises by granting a public guarantee on sums of money granted to companies by banks.

Thanks to the guarantee fund, companies have a real chance to obtain financing without additional guarantees (and thus without the costs of sureties or insurance policies) on the amounts guaranteed by the fund, which does not, however, offer cash contributions. According to the latest surveys, more than 99% of companies had access to financing with the fund’s coverage in the absence of the presentation of collateral.

The 2021 guarantee fund for small and medium-sized enterprises supports the development of Italian SMEs by providing a public guarantee for loans granted by banks, including in the case of investments abroad. The SME guarantee fund guarantees each eligible enterprise a maximum amount of 1.5 million euros. Companies from all sectors are eligible, with the exception of agriculture, fishing, transport, automotive, shipbuilding, synthetic fibres, coal, iron and steel.