ERP integration.

GP Progetti's eNX® Suite can be integrated with any ERP. The boundary between the systems is flexible and can be designed according to specific project requirements.

The eNX® Suite can be integrated with any ERP and, to date, tested integrations are already available with dozens of management softwares, starting with products developed in house up to the most popular international products on the market.

GP Progetti's 30 years of experience allows the customer not only to have a product but above all a service to rely on: once the boundary between systems has been drawn, we are able to provide all the necessary support both to the customer and to external system suppliers.

The integration between the eNX® Suite and the management system or ERP already present in the company becomes a strong point of the project: secure data, proven flow and an experience that you can count on.

This is also reflected in the project costs: the dozens of integrations that have already been developed make it possible to configure what already exists in the case to the customer's needs without having to develop anything customised, thus considerably reducing the costs of integration with any application.

Savings on integration costs.
How much does it cost to develop an integration from scratch? How long does it take to make such an infrastructure? We guarantee them in the analysis phase and, thanks to the use of standard connectors, significantly reduce implementation costs and time.
Dozens of standard connectors with ERP.
The standard connectors that we have developed allow us to integrate quickly and effectively with any ERP, including SAP, AX, Sage, Galileo, Mago, Navision, Business Central, Ad Hoc, Panthera, eSolver, Business Cube, Onda IQ, Mexal, Metodo, Arca, Agilis, Alawin, BPCS, Integra, Primula, Passepartout, Wingrif and many others.
Secure information and flow guaranteed.
The ability to design the flow of information according to specific project requirements leads to having all business entities synchronised in real time on the same data.
Experience, support and problem solving.
Our experience guarantees a well-prepared service that is able to support customers and their ERP management system providers. We can guide the integration project by indicating the best practices.