The devices provided by GP Progetti are designed to optimise production work: PM fixed workstations, tablets, scanners and monitors are the tools that enable real-time human-machine interaction. With MES 4.0 support devices, you eliminate paper, manage production steps and integrate logistics through messaging. On forklifts, in the hand or on the wall: devices that transmit data in real time to cover every production stage and space.

PM Workstation

Workstation designed for machine operators. Industrial PCs and barcode readers allow for the elimination of paper through attachment management and quality control. Available in several measurements.

PM Tablet

Rugged Windows tablets available with barcode reader included and used for automatic messaging on forklifts (load box, move material, etc.) and for logistics management using the picking list. Available in several measurements.

PM Monitor

Screens designed for a constantly updated departmental synoptic. They allow managers and operators to view the status of different resources in real time. Also available in a touch screen version for data drill-down.