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The GPNX Suite software package developed for quality management at manufacturing companies.

This user-friendly interface intuitively allows data recording and analysis. The technological platform adopted by GP Progetti for the creation of eQuality® allows for fast and dynamic data navigation, without having to follow a predefined and unique path to obtain the desired information.

Maximum element readability and natural recognisability to ease the user's workload.

  1. Navigation through the data in few clicks
  2. Fast and intuitive data entry
  3. Quickly add and remove search filters
  4. No predefined routes or binding menus
  5. Significant reduction of declaration errors

eQuality® is fully integrated into the company's broader operational data management system along the production line, either as a complementary activity to a production order (for use by production managers) or as a specific tool for off-line control and measurements (for use by quality managers).

The operations supported by eQuality® are as follows:

  1. Verbal editing of internal production non-conformity
  2. Integrated quality document management
  3. Verbal emission of supplier non-conformity
  4. Generation of monitoring plans
  5. Approval of entry material
  6. Process monitoring management
  7. Recording and analysis of controls carried out
  8. Preventive and corrective action management
  9. Complaint register management
  10. Measuring instrument management