The software to manage the efficiency of the entire production resource complex.

eMan® is the eNX Suite package dedicated to fleet maintenance management. It can be used in ordinary or extraordinary mode, or programmed to the company's production resources.

It consists of a software package specifically designed for the purpose of supervising, scheduling interventions and audits, and finally monitoring the efficiency of the entire set of production resources. eMan® provides multiple functionalities centred on the operating and maintenance conditions of individual resources, which can be easily used thanks to computer connection to the company database:

  1. Schedule of checks to be carried out
  2. Generation, queries and analysis
  3. Integrated control definition editor
  4. Historical archive
  5. Checks carried out
  6. Survey of machine efficiency
  7. Maintenance register printing
  8. Analysis printing
  9. Notice and registration checks

The use of eMan® in the company leads to several positive aspects in a short time:

  • The package is simple, clear and intuitive to use thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • Maintenance and control planning is facilitated by the input option directly applied to specific resources
  • Visualisation and input of controls are guided by real-time evidence

eMan® is designed to manage company resource maintenance according to effective flexibility and configuration criteria. Thanks to this setting, application functions can be used in different environments, for example:

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance management
  • Monitoring the state of vehicle maintenance
  • Maintenance of machinery (for a workshop or a medical practice)
  • Scheduled machine maintenance (both factory production and system server)