Download sheet

The eDataAnalysis® package is a dedicated tool for analysing data contained in SQL databases. Any statistic can be created, saved, edited and duplicated quickly and easily.

eDataAnalysis® is able to connect to different databases and, by matching and processing data, produce graphs to support decision-making processes.

The product boasts several benefits:

  • Easy to configure
    It requires no specific computer knowledge, is easy to install and configure, and is an essential support to decision making
  • Total integration in real time
    It integrates seamlessly with popular business management systems and facilitates the real-time exchange of shared information
  • Multi-user, multi-platform and multi-company
    It allows teamwork and cross analysis, enabling collaboration between different users, regardless of the platforms used or whether the data belongs to different companies

 The software is notable for the following features:

  • Connection with any SQL database
  • Creation of graphs for any dataset
  • Data and graphs update in real time
  • Analysis of data coming from different production areas
  • 35 types of graphs available
  • Graph exportation and printing functions
  • Multi-company/multi-platform/multi-user
  • Integration with management systems
  • Easy and intuitive installation and use
  • In-depth data navigation: Drill down, drill up

eDataAnalysis® is ideal for: Entrepreneurs, production managers, finance directors, researchers, accountants, accounts auditors, bank directors, insurance agents and gyms, among others.