Developed to transform data into information and give you full control over your company.

With the eDashboard® package, you control critical production points, simultaneously analyse data from different areas and facilitate the coordinated management of all information from the eNX® Suite packages used. The Business Intelligence tool developed by GP Progetti speeds up analysis times thanks to its ability to synchronise the information collected at each stage of the production flow. eDashboard® differs from any other data analysis tool on the market in that it is connected to the production facilities in real time via the eNX® Suite. In addition, it is navigable and allows you to switch from the overview to an individual event with a simple click.

Maximum interconnection between information for always up-to-date analyses

  1. One sole analysis platform with a user-friendly interface
  2. Preconfigured and configurable dashboard
  3. In-depth data exploration thanks to drill-down functionality
  4. May be configured for each user or department
  5. Multi-user, multi-platform and multi-company

What does the eDashboard® module look like?

The elements that make up the interface of the GP Progetti software tool are:

  • KPIs with continually updated indicators
  • Constantly interconnected graphs and tables
  • Bar chart with two-dimensional representation of relevant data
  • Drill-down data for in-depth analysis
  • Alerter to always have events under control