Electric engines.

The future of automotive is already here with the eNX® Suite: a software for managing the production of electric motors.

GP Progetti's team of professionals studied and configured the eNX® Suite for optimised electric motor production management with the aim of satisfying the automotive market in every aspect. Our software enables the best possible control of processes, warehouses, workshops and dealerships specialising in the production of electric motors and the manufacture of spare parts for agricultural and earthmoving machinery, industrial vehicles, karts and engines in general.

The tools for optimising the management of electric motor production devised by GP Progetti for the automotive sector are many and varied to meet the specific needs of the sector. They provide the data and tools to plan production and monitor the efficiency of the entire production sector, while managing the flow of information between the various bodies involved.

The reference application areas in which the eNX® Suite has been configured to optimise production management in the automotive field are:

  • Electric engine production
  • Spare part production for agricultural and earthmoving machines
  • Automotive component production
  • Engine production
  • Design and production of electronic records
  • Industrial/agricultural/kart vehicle production