Production management IT solutions,
the most common operating platform currently available on the market.


eNX® is a constantly evolving suite: from the launch of the GP NX system up until today, indeed GP Progetti designed and developed application programs that can meet almost all the production needs of a company.


The eNX® Suite has been designed and made to make the most of the features and potential provided by the Operating System and the system’s database.

With its eNX® system, GP Progetti provides its experience and innovative ADVANCED INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT to companies who consider the monitoring of all processes as their primary goal to improve production efficiency. The eNX® IT System features full integration, providing an immediate and powerful decisional support in terms of quality of information. It can ensure optimise production time and costs, along with the monitoring and performance of the various production departments. eNX® can be used with all programming activities, thereby ensuring greater uniformity in terms of market needs (demand forecasts consolidated in a portfolio of orders) with the potential of the production system.

GP Production

A production management software package that provides the data and instruments to plan production and follow the level of efficiency of the whole production process in a company.

GP Quality

A Quality management software package with a check at the acceptance stage, inspection of instruments, process checks and scheduled maintenance

GP Additional

A range of software products devoted to specific application areas that complete production.

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GP PROGETTI’s applications have been successfully implemented in various manufacturing sectors, thereby ensuring the eNX Suite was configured according to the distinctive features of the company’s production sector.


eFlexiMES is an integrated hardware and software system specifically made to manage Production in the Manufacturing Industry.

  • Integrated management of client details and orders
  • Process checks
  • Instrument management
  • eSPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • eDataCollection
  • ePMM (Production Monitor Manager)
  • eProductionClient
  • eProductionMonitor
  • Touch-screen workstation with optical reader


The software package of the GPNX Suite developed to manage Quality in manufacturing companies.

  • Issue of non-conformity reports
  • Integrated management of quality documents
  • Issue of supplier non-conformity reports
  • Generation of control plans
  • Acceptance of incoming material
  • Management of process checks
  • Registration and analysis of the checks performed


The eDataAnalysis module is a tool devoted to analysing data contained in the SQL database.

  • Connection to any SQL database
  • Graphical processing of any series of data
  • Real-time update of IBN charts and data
  • Analysis of data from various production areas
  • 35 kinds of charts available
  • Chart export and printing functions
  • For a number of companies/platforms/users
  • Integration with management systems
  • User-friendly installation and use
  • Drill down, drill up

The development of solutions addressing a variety of client needs has resulted in a wealth of skills and expertise acquired on the field and available to be invested with the aim of optimising your company’s production.

GP Progetti provides flexible solutions for advanced production management.