GP Progetti’s software package has already been successfully used in the machining sector.

GP Progetti has the
solution to enhance

Consultants at GP Progetti have designed software to enhance production in the machining sector. The eNX Suite by GP Progetti, which can be configured according to the specific features of the company’s manufacturing sector, ensures advanced management of production processes:

management on behalf of third parties of assets and liabilities, job-order based production, batches with specific technical features, MRPII closed-circle scheduling, measurement of MES production times and progress, optimisation of stocks and full control over flows of materials.

The target application sectors where production management has been optimised thanks to the solutions by GP Progetti are:

  • Forging
  • Turning
  • Laser cuting (Fiber Laser)
  • Boring
  • Drilling
  • Precision machining for third parties