GP Progetti’s software package has already been successfully used in the industrial sector to enhance the management of production processes.

The eNX Suite has been configured for different industrial sectors

GP Progetti designed software to improve production management at an industrial level, whether this means making furnishing items, valves or electric motors. Thanks to the eNX Suite by GP Progetti, which can be configured according to the specific features of the company’s manufacturing sector, you can manage tables and standard client details, manage production orders and all associated data, along with their analysis.

The user-friendly interface allows for intuitive data entry and analysis.

The target application sectors for the software to optimise production management in the industrial field are:

  • Production of furnishing materials
  • Production of ball valves
  • Production of stoves and boilers
  • Production of plumbing and heating systems, sanitaryware
  • Produzione rack
  • Production of cables and fibre optics
  • Production of tanks
  • Production of electric motors