GP Progetti’s solutions can enhance production management in the automotive sector.

The eNX Suite has been
configured for
the automotive sector

GP Progetti’s team of professionals designed software to ensure an optimise management of production to meet the needs of the automotive markets from A to Z, whether it means making spare parts for farming and earth-moving machinery or producing industrial vehicles, karts and engines and motors and general. Clients in the automotive sector that have adopted software by GP Progetti include spare parts warehouses, workshops and specialised dealers.

GP Progetti designed a number of instruments to optimise production management for the automotive sector and diversified them to meet the specific needs of each sector: they provide data and instruments to plan production and monitor the efficiency of the whole production sector within a company, whilst managing the flow of information among the various parties involved.

The target application sectors for the software to optimise production management in the automotive field are:

  • Production of spare parts for farming and earth-movement machinery
  • Production of automotive components
  • Production of engines
  • Design and production of electronic boards
  • Production of industrial and agricultural vehicles/karts