GP Progetti is currently a well-established company in Italy with a highly innovative approach.

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GP Progetti undertook “its” journey of challenges and confidence: the challenge of regarding as valid the software designed and created for the family-run company in the 1990s, an act of confidence believing that the market would be interested in it.

The focus on clients’ needs, being available to discuss ideas, seeking the solution, first from a pragmatic point of view and then in terms of design, are the factors that led us to cover the production flows of a number of companies over many years and provide specific software and hardware solutions for them.

The challenge continues and rightly so: we adopted the most advanced business software by Microsoft as part of our daily commitment to increase the functionality, operation and graphics of our products.

Accordingly, we stand by our confident approach: after years of market turmoil, it supported heavy investment to expand our range with new products, for us and perhaps for others, too.

With confidence and determination, we want to provide companies with an eye on their spending the results we already achieved, along with the desire to analyse, design and create together the next ones.

We believe in specialisation: we only work with proprietary software developed for the Italian manufacturing industry and constantly keep an eye on the evolution of devices and networks. We are ready for companies that believe it is right to pick up the innovation challenge by deploying the right dose of confidence.

Carlo Guizzi

Carlo Guizzi
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