The software lets you manage the date confirmation for supplier orders and subcontractor orders.


eLog is the eNX suite module that lets you manage the date confirmation in relation to supplier orders and subcontractor orders. The software reports the list of missing items, or “what will be missing and when will it be missing”, highlighting the first day when missing items will be detected, given the currently confirmed production plan. This way you can act in advance using the critical orders reminder.


eLog lets you manage advances and/or partial deliveries and confirm the delivery date of the supplier/subcontractor directly on the system. The planner takes into account the confirmed dates: in addition, any change in eSphere affects eLog and vice versa. eLog operates by Finite capacity and lets you switch from a “quantity” to a “quality” reminder: you can therefore simply concentrate solely on the reminder of orders that, in the event of failed delivery date confirmation, would stop production.


Any change in the planning is automatically acknowledged by eLog, which allows you to have the supplier orders and subcontractor orders under control in real time, because the information is drawn from the only database which supports all eNX suite modules, including the eSphere planner.


The module also features the following aspects and functions:
  • Tabular format interface, in order to optimise the reminder activity of supplier orders and subcontractor orders;
  • Option to activate several filters;
  • Option to export and import data in MS Excel format (e.g.: Critical orders, reminders filtered by customer…);
  • Option to consider several warehouses, taking into account the lead time for transfer from one plant to another.


eLog lets you interact with the supplier/subcontractor, in order to update the system, in two ways:
  • Entering the confirmed dates in the system while communicating by telephone or by e-mail with the supplier;
  • Option to export data to Excel, send the Excel file to the supplier, have the dates confirmed on the Excel file and re-import the file filled in by the supplier.