eFlexiMES is an integrated hardware and software system specifically made for Operational Management of Production in the manufacturing industry.

eFlexiMES is so called because it flexibly applies the MES definition (Manufacturing Execution System), combining it with the possibility to integrate the management system with the operational part of the production, reading data directly from the Factory’s machining centres, in all possible processing modes (manual, semi-manual or automatic).

The workstations are appropriately distributed throughout the production pathway according to the cost/benefit rule and are, in all respects, company network points. (LAN and WAN). All this helps significantly increase performance and efficiency of the factory.

The eFlexiMES system is able to aid operations, reducing errors related to production pick-ups and feeds and, in addition, it detects production activities in real time thus assuring timely action in the event of inefficiencies, as well as monitoring production data displayed with maximum granularity.

eFlexiMES package

  •  eCubeLight
  • Integrated management of master data and orders
  •  eQuality
  • Process control
  • Tool management
  • eSPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • eDataCollection
  •  ePMM (Production Monitor Manager)
  •  eProductionClient
  •  eProductionMonitor
  • HW eFlexiMES
  • Touch-screen workstation with optical reader