Software specifically designed and made for the operational management of the most crucial stage for the development of production in manufacturing companies : entering a new order in the Company System.

The daily need to notify customers of the order processing date is the goal that this module intends to meet, with a substantial confirmation of feasibility in advance.

The main function of the module is, in fact, to explore the company’s Production Plan and determine as reliably as possible, according to the latter, the date when the request will possibly be processed.

eSimulator adapts to the user’s needs, ensuring the direct manufacturability analysis of an item with the exploded view of the desired level of components and materials.


Autonomy and Integration

eSimulator applies the preventive simulation process of the workload resulting from the entry of new production requests, by operating directly on the actual production plan in a flexible manner, i.e. both independently and integrating the management system:

  • in native mode, the simulation process can be repeated until determining satisfactory “item-quantity-date” and ends with the automatic generation of a new production order (simple or composite);
  • in integrated mode, the simulation process can be repeated until determining satisfactory “item-quantity-date” and can end with the automatic generation of a new sales order confirmation put forth to the management system.


Queuing and Rescheduling

The tool was appropriately designed to operate in dual mode:

  • acquisition of the first possible delivery date given the confirmed production plan, therefore without changing previously extant and essentially queuing orders;
  • entry of an intentionally binding production order for a required delivery date, thus resulting in re-scheduling previously extant orders.


Enhance eSimulator by combining it with other eNX Suite modules!

By taking advantage of the dynamic construction of the request, possibly even with no need for master data prerequisites, provided by the ePrototyper module, the user may use eSimulator both as a simulator and as a dynamic configurator of the production request.

Through integration with eNX, the module makes operations easier by reducing entry errors (items, quantities, dates); secondly, it allows an organised and effective dialogue to be established between those dealing with the customer request and those involved in its processing, because it operates on the basis of the actual availability of the company’s production system.