Software specifically designed and developed to support the process for defining the features of a product in response to customer requests, whether new or changes to previously manufactured products.

A versatile and transversal tool

ePrototyper can be used in a number of areas. Typically, it is used in the technical-commercial management of requests that cannot be fulfilled with catalogue products, i.e. in the definition of the main components of a new job order.

The main function of the module is, in fact, to fill a material/processing matrix quickly, without the need for complete system master data prerequisites. In other words, the module is designed to start from “a blank sheet” and allow the user to quickly enter the bill of materials and the processing cycle of the product to be manufactured.

ePrototyper does not necessarily require the use of items previously recorded in the system and is capable of using the most suitable references for the specific situation: the user can enter both new codes and master data codes in the matrix, with the related attributes, at any BOM level.

These latter features highlight another typical use of ePrototyper: the change to a previous supply by editing materials and/or processing, starting from a reference product or model.

In short, the tool can be used for two basic purposes:

  • preventive and fast assessment of the materials-processing composition of a supply to be produced, namely prototyping intended for a technical-commercial estimate;
  • the full and final definition of the materials and processes required for the production of an acquired supply, i.e. a product configuration intended to result in an actual production request.

In both cases, the initial prototype can be used as a reference for the actual ensuing construction and fed into a special future reference archive.

Expand ePrototyper  by combining it with other eNX Suite modules!

Thanks to eSimulator’s function for automatic generation of production orders, it is possible to take advantage of the Production Plan’s dynamic exploration capabilities: the user can therefore use this module both as a simulator and as a dynamic configurator of the production request.

Through integration with eNX, the module thus aids operations by reducing entry errors (finished products, components, materials and processes); secondly, it helps to gradually compose an organised and efficient linking process between those involved in the technical translation of the customer’s request, hence the development of a commercial offer, and those in charge of its operational construction, i.e. putting into production.