Thanks to the Omni+ algorithm, eSphere lets you plan production while synchronising it with supplies, thus maximising production efficiency. In the eNX environment, in fact, Finite capacity scheduling is performed through the integrated dynamic MRPII (Manufacturing Resources Planning), which lets you assess the actual ability to perform the processes required by the production plan.


eSphere has been designed to manage production according to the best Lean Manufacturing theories and to enhance the performance of companies through its manifold features:
  • Interactive Gantt
  • Finite capacity scheduling of production orders and display of the workload distributed on the various resources, according to their actual availability
  • Dynamic use of component availability
  • Multipallet resource management
  • Multi link and multi level management of processing orders (priorities and sequences)
eSphere allows production to be managed in a flexible manner: it is in fact possible to know in advance and in few seconds the future impact of every single change carried out on planning:
  • Comparison between scheduling with standard times and times actually detected
  • Possibility to perform simulations
  • Omni+ algorithm with various optimisation  options: setup, operators, materials, etc.
The user-friendly interface has been designed to assure use of the touch screen and to immediately make any changes. eSphere also features several utilities, designed to make management of the company’s production as easy as possible.
The Omni+ algorithm of eSphere introduces the evolution of the Just in Time concept in your company. eSphere is in fact the tool designed for optimal production management, based on the Lean Thinking philosophy.


eSphere lets you manage company production in an advanced manner and in real time, through a totally integrated database: every time the planning is changed, Omni+ automatically and quickly recalculates the impact of operational and tactical decisions on the production process.


eSphere is used for Finite capacity management of:
  • Resurces
  • Materials
  • Equipment
  • Toolmakers
  • Operators