eDMT (Dynamic Material Tracer) is an eNX suite module, which can be combined with eSphere, designed specifically for those using MRP. The common problem of those using MRP is not being able to reconstruct how much of the production order is tied up for the customer’s order. There is therefore no longer evidence of the customer’s order tied to the production order.


eDMT is able to trace customer orders tied to production orders, thus making it possible to know in advance from which customer orders the pieces related to a certain production order will be taken.


Thanks to eDMT you can find out where stocks will end up, i.e. how they will be used (in which customer order they will end up). It enables the use of any material to be retraced in advance; it is able to track production orders tied to customer orders. Tying up is dynamic: every time the scheduling changes it is possible to check in real time the destination of the items that will be produced by the selected production order.
eDMT highlights the difference and type of order (customer, predictive, …)