The software package of the GPNX Suite developed to manage Quality in manufacturing companies.

A user-friendly interface assures intuitive data entry and analysis. The technological platform implemented by Gp Progetti for the eQuality project assures fast and dynamic data navigation, without the obligation to follow a pre-set and unique path to obtain the desired information.

Maximum readability and natural recognition of elements to support the user’s work.

  1. Data navigation in just a few clicks
  2. Fast and intuitive data entry
  3. Fast addition and removal of search filters
  4. Absence of pre-set paths and binding menus
  5. Significant reduction of reporting errors

eQuality is included in a fully integrated manner in the broader operational data management throughout the company’s production process, both as a complementary activity of a Production Order (for the benefit of Production Operators), and as a specific tool for off-line control and inspections (for the benefit of Quality Operators).

The operations supported by eQuality concern:

  1. Issue of in-house production non-conformity Reports
  2. Integrated management of Quality documents
  3.  Issue of supplier non-conformity Reports
  4. Generation of control plans
  5. Acceptance of incoming material
  6. Management of in-process controls
  7. Recording and analysis of checks performed
  8. Management of preventive and corrective actions
  9. Complaint register management
  10. Management of measuring instruments