The eDataAnalysis module is a tool devoted to analysing the data contained in the SQL database. You can easily and quickly create, save, edit and duplicate any statistics. eDataAnalysis is able to connect to several databases and, through matching and data processing, produce charts in order to support decision-making processes.

he product offers a number of advantages:

  • Easy to configure
    It does not require specific IT knowledge, it is easy to install and configure and is crucial in supporting decision-making
  • Total real-time integration
    It seamlessly integrates with the most common company management systems and supports real-time exchange of shared information
  • Multi-User, Multi-platform, Multi-company
    It supports teamwork and cross analysis, assuring cooperation between different users, regardless of the platform used, or whether the data belong to different companies.


The software has the following features:


• Connection to any SQL database
• Graphical processing of any series of data
• Real-time update of charts and data
• Analysis of data from various production areas
• 35 types of charts available
• Chart export and printing functions
• Multi-company / multi-platform / multi-user
• Integration with management systems
• Easy and intuitive installation and use
• In-depth data navigation: Drill down, drill up


eDataAnalysis is ideal for: Entrepreneurs, Production Managers, Finance Managers, Researchers, Accountants, Auditors, Bank Managers, Insurers, Gyms, …