The software for managing the state of efficiency of the entire array of production resources. 


eMan is the eNX suite module dedicated to Machinery Maintenance management, applicable in routine, special or scheduled mode to the company’s production resources. It consists of a software package specifically developed to supervise, schedule operations and inspections, and finally keep under control the state of efficiency of the entire array of production resources.


eMan features a number of functions focused on the operating and maintenance conditions of individual resources, which can be used easily via the computer connection to the company’s database:
  1. Schedule of checks to be performed
  2. Generation, query and analysis
  3. Integrated control definition editor
  4. Log archiving
  5. Executed checks summary
  6. Detection of machinery efficiency state
  7. Maintenance log print-out
  8. Analysis print-out
  9. Inspection warning and recording


The activation of eMan in the Company quickly leads to several positive effects:
  • The module is used in an easy, clear and intuitive manner, thanks to the user friendly interface;
  • Maintenance and inspection planning is aided by the entry option applied directly to the specific resources
  • The display and entry of the inspections are guided by the evidence in real time


eMan has been designed to manage the maintenance of company resources according to actual flexibility and configuration criteria. Thanks to this setting, the application functions may be used in various areas, such as:
  • Routine and special maintenance management;
  • Monitoring the machinery’s maintenance condition;
  • The machinery’s maintenance condition  (for a workshop as well as for a doctor’s surgery)
  • The scheduled maintenance of the machines (both factory production ones and system servers)